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Upper House, Hong Kong & Nihi Sumba, Sumba

Picture it: You’re en route to one of the world’s best hotels in Sumba, Indonesia where wild horses run along the beaches, daily. To get there, it’s a stopover in Hong Kong. Rather than idle in airport lounges, indulge in a short escape to another one of the world’s best, Upper House Hong Kong. Soak away the stresses of travel in the marble bathtub and jump start jet lag recovery.

With this exclusive cross-brand package, you can bank a unique layover experience and resort stay at once, letting us arrange a smooth journey. Curious? Read on.

We suggest: $21,000 in Credits should cover a night at Upper House and 7 nights at Nihi in March 2021. You'll have earned it.


Upper House

At Upper House, Hong Kong attention to detail and extraordinary views come in spades. Perched over Hong Kong, the boutique property is an escape in this busy city. Rooms come with all the bath amenities to make it feel like a full-on spa experience, perfectly paired with the hotel’s serene restraint. Book in here en route to Nihi and wash away the pains of long-haul flying, readying your mind, body and soul for the beaches of Sumba. But first, grab a drink at the Sky Lounge and take in the buzz of Hong Kong's stylish scene. In an exclusive enclave close to SoHo, just a five-minute walk to the Admiralty neighborhood, the Upper House provides easy access to temples and artisan boutiques, buzzing restaurants and trendy bars, cafes, and the sleek Tai Kwun cultural center.

Nihi Sumba

Post your city jaunt, it’s time to disconnect while communing with nature at Nihi Sumba, one of the best hotels anywhere. Sumba, close to Bali, is the most extraordinary of Indonesia’s islands. This remote paradise is wild and stunning, boasting a pristine private beach with crystal clear waters, wild horses and some of the finest surfing in the world. To this spectacular beach-meets-jungle backdrop, add villas, built by hand from natural materials, brilliantly matched to the lush papaya and palm trees that surround them. Coupled with rugged lands, rice paddies, and acres of palms and tropical foliage, Sumba is a once-in-a-lifetime travel experience.

The Fine Print

* Expires: 2/28/2021
* For use with new bookings only
* Non-refundable but transferable to anyone
* Full balance of credit must be used when redeemed
* Porter & Sail will provide a full refund in the event of hotel closure
* Not to be used in conjunction with other discounts or offers
* Package includes $500 credit for Upper House and $3000 credit for Nihi Sumba
* Credit cannot be applied to bookings during the following blackout dates: July 14-Aug 31 2020, 24–26 Dec 2020, 30 Dec 2020–2 Jan 2021, and 12–15 Feb 2021

* To Redeem, hold on to your confirmation email, and when you’re ready to book, simply email us at with your Order Number and we'll connect you to the hotels to make your booking

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